Jasmine Haskell

Jasmine is a freelance artist, designer & maker. Her skills lie in painting, sculpture, illustration, theatrical design, sewing, scenic art, moulding & casting along with administration, project leadership, social media and stage management.

She believes in the power of curiosity and is on a lifelong quest of expression, learning & connecting with the world. Her work often involves organic forms, with emphasis on movement and capturing emotional sensitivity.

Jasmine is more than happy to travel and relocate for work and loves to make new contacts both within and outside of the field.

'Tunbridge Wells Puppetry Festival'
Set Designer, Maker & Scenic Artist
Front of House & Street Performance Entourage

'James and the Giant Peach'
Cambridge Theatre Company
Set & Prop Designer & Maker

'Herd of the Hospice?' Campaign
Hospice in the Weald
Scenic Artist & Designer

Spur Creative Workshop
Workshop Assistant
Scenic Artist, Resin and Fibreglass Casting
Shop Displays & Promotional Film Material

Prompt Side Ltd
Theatrical Drapery
Workshop Assistant & Machinist

Goodnight Mister Tom
Cambridge Theatre Company
Designer, Maker & Director of Puppetry
Technical & Stage Manager
Scenic Artist

Strangeface Theatre Company
"Hobbledown" Adventure Park, Krazy Kat Theatre & Others
Prop, Costume & Puppetry
Designer & Maker

First Class Graduate BA (Hons)
Creative Arts for Theatre and Film
University for the Creative Arts

War Horse & The Matthew Robins Show
Tunbridge Wells Puppetry Festival
Ticket Coordinator & Street Performance Entourage of
War Horse character "Joey"

Le Nozze di Figaro & Wozzeck
Bay Productions
Scenic painting, Breakdown,
Gold Leaf & Poly Carving

Razzamataz Performance Group
Creative Director & Project Leader
Designer & Maker of Props & Costumes

Channel 4: Stand Up to Cancer
Greyworld Public Arts
Set Design & Fabrication

Beef the Dodo's Day at the Park

Strangeface's Hobbledown Puppet

Sammy on BBC Radio Cambridge



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